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Eryri is a dogs paradise! We have dogs ourselves and feel there is nothing better than exploring with a dog by your side. We welcome two well behaved dogs to Wnion Wood Lodge and one dog in Seren and Enfys. They will be made to feel as welcome as our human guests. We provide throws for the sofas, dog bowls and more when you bring your dog.


Please note - we do have a enclosed area in our garden at Wnion Wood Lodge, but the rest of our property is not fully enclosed. We also provide a tie out by the back door. Seren and Enfys do not have any outdoor space - but we are a 2 minute walk from the start of the Mawddach Trail. You won't be short of places to walk with your furry family.

We are experienced dog owners and want everyone to enjoy their stay with us, so we have some basic terms and conditions that apply when bringing your dog. Our T&Cs are in place to protect our property, our community and have your dog's safety and welfare at heart. Please ask us to contact you to discuss your personal circumstances when making a booking request if you have any questions - we are more than happy to chat about you and your dog's needs to see if we can work around any requirements and make sure everyone is happy - we have had a variety of dogs come to stay with us. 

We ask that:

  • Your dog is over 1 year of age and fully housetrained and clean indoors and that your dog is happy to be crated at night or will sleep in the kitchen happily (no crying or chewing) – please bring your dog’s crate with them if they use one as we cannot provide one.

  • Never leave your dog unattended in our property – if you go out for the day and are unable to take your dog there is a dog day care facility near Aberangell (Dolcorsllwyn Boarding Kennels - 01650 511621).

  • Please bring towels to clean your dog up before entering the lodge after wet walks – please crate/confine your dog until they are dry. (There is a hose point outside Wnion Wood Lodge if you need to rinse off muddy paws. Please ensure you have something to clean paws before going back into Seren or Enfys). 

  • Please cover the sofas with throws provided and do not allow your dog to jump up on them – all 4 paws on the floor please.

  • Please keep your dog out of the bedrooms at all times – keep the doors closed.

  • Please use the vacuum provided to clean up shed hairs.

  • If your dog has an accident indoors or breaks something please let us know ASAP – we may charge for extra cleaning or breakages.

  • If we hear reports that your dog has been a nuisance you may be asked to leave.

Wnion Wood Lodge:

  • Please pick up and bag any dog poo and place in the green bin – if our cleaner reports lots of poo you will be charged for additional cleaning.

  • Our property is not fenced on all sides, but we do have a fully enclosed area for you to relax in with your dog. Your dog must be supervised at all times when outside and must be kept on a lead outside of this area.

  • Keep your dog under control – we are surrounded by farmland.

Enclosed Area in Wnion Wood Lodge

enclosed garden
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